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WordPress Automatic Plugin Free Download

WordPress Automatic plugin WordPress ke lie sabse acche content scraper plugins mein se ek hai. Yah Code Canyon bazaar mein uplabdh hai aur aaj tak iske lagbhag 22,843+ bikree ho chuke hai. Ismein auto-post niyamit lekh, Click Bank utpaad, Amazon utpaad, YouTube videos, feed posts aur bahut kuch hai. aapko bas ek abhiyan banaane aur aaram karane ki jaroorat hai.

WordPress plugin – download autopilot par aapke abhiyaan setting ke anusaar saamagree post karega. Aur isme abhiyan banana aasaan hai. Aapko bas apne WordPress Dashboard mei abhiyaan par jaane ki jaroorat hai, phir abhiyaan prakaar, abhiyaan keyword, post template, post-filter ityaadi ka chayan karna aur prakaashit batan dabana hai. bas itna hi, ab baithiye aur aaraam kariye. Yah plugin aapke lie sabhi saamagree prakaashan kaarya kardega.

Automatic WordPress Plugin Features

Plugin niyamit roop se aapke nirdeshit feed ki janch kar sakta hai aur pratyek nae feed item ko ek naee post ke roop mein post kar sakta hai.

Yahan word press plugin sameeksha ke baare mein poori jaankari hai.

  1. Auto-post content from feed
  2. Get full content from summary feed
  3. Remove specific parts of the original feed post
  4. Find and replace
  5. Original time post
  6. Remove categories
  7. Pull out original tag
  8. Take Off categories
  9. Remove original tag
  10. Remove original author
  11. Leave a post with no content
  12. Skip non-English posts
  13. Leave posts without images
  14. Posts oldest post first
  15. Decode html entities
  16. Convert encoding before posting
  17. Skip duplicate title
  18. Featured image from Facebook and : image tag

It can post quality targeted articles and much more on Autopilot.

  1. Amazon Products
  2. Click Bank Products
  3. Walmart Products
  4. YouTube videos
  5. Vimeo videos
  6. Daily Motion video
  7. Feed post
  8. eBay auctions
  9. Flickr images
  10. Instagram images
  11. Pinterest pins
  12. Reddit
  13. Twitter tweets
  14. Facebook posts
  15. Craigslist classified
  16. iTunes Apps – Songs/eBooks/Movies/
  17. Podcasts
  18. Envato Items.
  19. SoundCloud songs

Word press swachalit roop se mool post ke do nirdeshit bhaagon ko CSS id/class, xpath, ya regex dvaara nikaal sakta hai aur unhein aapke word press par post karne ke liye sanyojit kar sakta hai.

What’s New in WordPress Plugin (Changelog)?

WordPress Automatic plugin mein naya kya hai (changelog)?

New: Multi-page scraper now supports infinite scroll.

Then Fix: TikTok is posting back to work from a specific user.

Then Fix : FB blank images resolved.

After that Fix: FB videos back to embed normally.

Bug fix: Multi-page scraper has now fixed pattern. Next page URL now supports negative steps.

Fix: eBay updated to support the new link format.

New: Added YouTube Safe Search Option.

New: Google Translate now supports Traditional Chinese.

Fix: TikTok can now import data from a specific user even when normally blocked.

Fix: Facebook now reports when a cookie is required.

NEW: Reddit video embeds now support sound.

Full Description of WP Plugin

WordPress Automatic Plugin – download – Automatically post to WordPress plugin from almost any website. It can import from popular sites like YouTube and Twitter using its API or from almost any website of your choice using its scraping module.

Auto Post from RSS Feed to WordPress – Add any RSS feed to the plugin to copy posts from any website. It can import full content, authors, tags, categories and sets the featured image.

Auto Post to WordPress from Any Web Page – Single Page Scraper can import the desired portion from any URL. It will keep monitoring this part and copy it to a new post or update it if there is a change in an existing post.

Post from Any Website to WordPress – Multi-Page Scraper can import any number of posts from any website.

Post Amazon products to WordPress – Import products from Amazon by keyword or browse node with product gallery with Full WooCommerce support and price updates and affiliate links set up automatically.

Autopost eBay products to WordPress – Auto import from eBay by keyword or by seller Full WooCommerce support with product gallery and price set up automatically

Autopost Walmart products to WordPress – Automatically imported from Walmart by keyword Full WooCommerce support with product gallery and price, Affiliate links gets set automatically.

Post Click Bank products to WordPress – automatically import from Click Bank by keyword Product description Imported from product source. Affiliate links set automatically.

Auto Post from Envato to WordPress – Import from Envato marketplaces such as CC and Theme Forest Import by keyword, tag, category or a specific seller Affiliate links are set up automatically.

Auto Post Craigslist Listing for WordPress – Import Listing from Craigslist. Just add any CL URL and the plugin will automatically import all the listings from it and will be auto published to your WordPress.

Auto Post from Career Jet to WordPress – Import jobs from Career Jet by keyword and optionally with an option to filter by duration with a specific location and can also filter by contract type.

Auto Post from Facebook to WordPress – Automatically import from Facebook pages, personal profiles, open or closed groups. Comprehensive filtering options to monitor and import any new posts to filter by type, date and more.

It also Auto posts from Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Flickr images, YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, daily motion videos, sound cloud sounds, iTunes, Ezine Articles, Spintax.

WordPress Automatic Plugin Free Download

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