Zox News Theme

Zox News Theme Free Download

Zox News Theme Free Download

This is a modern, refined, ready to use website theme for those who are looking for something better than average that has a more professional layout for their News media or Magazine or An ECommerce website. In this blog, you’ll learn about the various valuable information regarding the theme like how it functions, what plugins you’ll get with it and many more.

What is Zox News Thems?

This WordPress theme is best suited for informational blogs like News media sites, IndianFestivals, or magazines. But it isn’t limited to these; it can also be used with Woocommerce, meaning it can also be useful for the people who want to join the era of ECommerce. This theme was published in July 2017 by MVP Themes and it was highlighted in Theme forest which is owned by Envato Market. They are a world-leading online & largest community of super creative assets, tools and talent. This website also comes under 1000 most visited websites on the planet according to Alexa, which means, they are the largest marketplace related to website building tools like Themes, HTML Templates, plug-ins and other things.

How to use it? Who is it compatible with Zox News Theme?

Zox News Theme is a simple ready to use theme that can be applied by going into the Admin section of the website then in the customization. It is compatible with all types of devices like Smartphones, tablets etc. This theme supports different browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE11 are amongst the few.
It comes with the support of various forum plug-ins like –


This forum software was developed by Matthew Mullenweg (founding developer of WordPress) in 2004. Their goal is to make a light and open-source forum because s many of us while building a website get confused between the forum plug-ins that are light weighted and simple. The forums are often a way to connect a Reader/customer to the website and its community to help with their query and have their feedback. It is compatible with its version 2.6x and 2.5x


As well all know how Facebook is an essential part of our lives. It can also be an essential part for the website owners to connect and grow their business through it. It helps Admins to add the Facebook groups of the website and other functions like and share buttons for the content, Embedding public posts etc.

WooCommerce – Zox News Theme

It is a plugin developed by Mark Forrester, Magnus Jepson, and Adii Pienaar in 2007 to help small and medium businesses to sell their products worldwide without any hassles.
The compatible version of this plugin are – WooCommerce 4.3.x, WooCommerce 4.2.x, WooCommerce 4.1.x, WooCommerce 4.0.x

You can add these plugins by going into the Admin< Plugin section of the website.

It is also compatible with various versions of WordPress software that was co-founded by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. And the core lead developers of it include Helen Hou-Sandí, Dion Hulse, Mark Jaquith, Matt Mullenweg, Andrew Ozz, and Andrew Nacin.

Those versions are WordPress 5.8.x, WordPress 5.7.x, WordPress 5.6.x, WordPress 5.5.x, WordPress 5.4.x, WordPress 5.3.x, WordPress 5.2.x, WordPress 5.1.x, WordPress 5.0.x

Zox News Theme Functionalities

It comes with a pack that allows users to make the layout like shown in preview mode in one click, that is called a child theme pack.
It is a Retina Ready theme, the benefit of this is that the images on this theme will be denser, crisper and clearer than normal for the retina-ready devices. It is also a responsive website, which makes the website work seamlessly on every device.
This theme is fully customizable. It allows its user to customize everything about the website according to one’s needs. It can be anything that users want for here are some of the things you can do –

Zox News Theme – Skin

In Zox News Theme, you can make the logo, headlines bolder or lighter and a few other changes, You can change the size, the layout of the navigation according to your preference be it drop down, small or big etc.


The user can pick any color for their website be it primary color like the title color, icon color, hover color as in the highlighting color, link color or navigation bar’s color etc. It comes with an unlimited color option, which lets the user pick an exact shade of their choice.

Zox News Theme – Font

Zox News Theme Supports the use of any of the 800 fonts provided by Google for customisation of fonts in things like articles, navigation bars, menus etc.

Section customization

Users can add/remove and customize sections from the website like featured. They can change where they want to show ads, blogs associated with certain tags and change the layout of posts. That includes how the reader is going to interact with an article; it can be in a slide show or any other numerous layout. The page’s layout has different subcategories that can also be changed but the default options contain team info, latest news and full-wide that is useful for the big screen devices.

Ad layout customization

It also comes with an unlimited AD unit and on top of that you can choose where you can place each of your ads.

Google Amp

This optimizes articles for mobile devices to make the article load faster and smoother.


This tool helps by making articles blocks and makes the site support a full-width layout that gives space to put multiple things cleanly onto a page. It also helps in back end editing that helps colors, font to be matched with the foreground and customized block.

Integration support from various platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Soundcloud to help monetize and reach the audience efficiently

It also comes with free lifetime updates that keep the website from being prey to malicious activities.

They also give $78 worth of plugins free with the pack that includes forum plugins.
2 Types of plugins are –

MVP Social Fields

It is a plugin to add all the social media links and sharing buttons throughout the website.

Reviewer Plugin

It is a plugin that allows the user to insert various reviews and comparison tables on the website across the web to help customers pick the right product for themselves.

It also has built-in Disqus comment support which helps visitors to comment anonymously on the website without getting targeted for any of their comments or harassed for it and within the comfort of their privacy.

Zox News Theme comes with 6 months of support from MVPThemes that can be extended to 12 months after giving a fee. It also comes with In-depth documentation to help learn more things about the website In-depth that are and aren’t included in this blog.

Kindly Note: This Theme/ Plugin ( Important Notice)

We are updating new content like WordPress themes, plugins, PHP scripts every day. But remember you should never use this item on a commercial website. All the contents are posted here on the digital kick website for development and testing purposes only. We are not responsible for any damage, you use it at your own risk! we highly recommend it buying from the official website tagged below

Purchase from original website only: Zox News Theme

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our website does not carry any responsibility fore any plugin or any theme as there are links or not a part of our website. If your copyrighted material has been indexed by our site and you want this material to be removed then contact us immediately. We will remove it in 5 to 7 business days


If you read this blog till here this means you learned about what Zox news theme is, when and whom it was developed by, How it works. And where does it fit in your theme hunting, I hope this was useful for you. We will be writing more content about WordPress related stuff. If you think this blog was useful do write to us in an email which you can see at the bottom of this page or in the about section of the website. And the things you have read about are included in the theme bundle you wouldn’t have to pay extra for anything.

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